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Supported Living Care Services

Uniq believes that there is “Nothing like your own home” and therefore promotes options of care for supporting vulnerable people with disabilities and mental health difficulties in their own homes. We believe every person is Unique, hence Uniq provides the bespoke person centred care package to help and support people in supported living accommodation or in their own home so that people develop skills, resilience and confidence for their future.

We believe that the people we support, their families, their friends and stakeholders strive for high quality care services which we are passionate in delivering. Uniq has specifically selected staff, who are trained to build therapeutic relationships with people they are caring for, to ensure person-centred practice is provided. We also work with hospitals, Councils and NHS England, where delayed discharge can be a challenge and Uniq offers a strategically designed care plan with the aim to support people in the community safely.

Uniq works closely with the discharge team, health care team and family to design a bespoke discharge plan to enable and empower people we work with, to make decisions about their future. The support, care and transition will be processed by working jointly with the multi-agency and at a pace dictated by the person, who is at the centre of all decision making.

Summary of how we can help

  • Access to health professionals specific to your needs (doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, social worker, clinical psychologist, behavioural therapist).
  • Supervising/Prompting people with their personal care (washing & dressing) and toileting needs.
  • Supporting individuals to access main stream services.
  • Developing independence in preparing meals, cooking and all salient life skills.
  • Empowering individuals to do their own shopping, budgeting and manage their finances.
  • Supporting individuals with activities of daily living and creating a safe environment to achieve this.
  • Facilitating access to hospital and primary healthcare services, and providing support during appointments.
  • Promoting individuals to access employment and setting goals to achieve this.
  • Supporting individuals to engage and participate in holidays and preferred recreational activities.
  • Enabling and supporting clients to lead independent lives.
  • Dedicated one-to-one support, as required.
  • 24-hour a day support available.
  • Working together with the family/hospital/councils/social Services.
  • Supporting individuals in their own homes.
  • Environment equipment/ adaptations where appropriate and feasible.
Domiciliary Care

Our dedicated team, under the leadership of our experience manger will carry out detailed assessments and work with the person to develop a seamless package of holistic individualised care. We support people to access mainstream services and activities according to their preferences. We promote choice, independence and support positive risk taking. Our aim is to provide the best and highest quality care for vulnerable people with support from our caring and dedicated team.

  • Staff can assist with Activities of Daily Living- Shopping, preparing meals, cooking, cleaning, laundry and ironing.
  • Socialising, chit chatting and meeting up with friends and family.
  • Looking for employment? We assist with searching for job, applying for jobs and preparing for the interview process. Uniq staff members will also assist with securing voluntary jobs.
  • Support with attending medical and non-medical appointments and document the findings/ results.
  • Everyone needs a holiday/ short break- which can jointly be facilitated with the member of staff.
  • Work together with the person, their family and professional involved in their care.

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