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About Us

Uniq provides personalised complete care solutions for people with enduring mental health difficulties, brain injury, learning disabilities and challenging behaviours in a bespoke supported living accommodation base. We also provide care in people’s own home.

My name is Bhanu, I am a qualified Senior Occupational Therapist with over 15 years’ experience within health care settings. Working with vulnerable children and adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems and autism, enhanced my desire to create a homely environment- one that promotes people to develop to their full potential in a safe, caring, supportive and therapeutic setting.

Uniq was established in 2019 and works in accordance with the core values of care and health drawn from the guidance of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), NHS England & NHS Improvement, Transforming Care and the Local Authority. These core values embrace rights, independence, choice and inclusion.

We are a caring, compassionate organisation that acts with integrity and respects the human rights of people we work with. At Uniq we work closely and in partnership with the person, their family, friends and stakeholders (social services/hospital / NHS England / Continuing Health Care) to tailor a seamless, bespoke package of care to each person’s needs- promoting their independence, choice, and preferences and enabling them to achieve their full potential to live a dignified life.

We focus on providing care in a safe and supportive environment which operates with openness and transparency.

Our services offer supported living in people’s own homes and in staffed supported living accommodation. We carry out detailed assessments and work in collaboration with the person, their family, friends and other key stakeholders to develop holistic individualised care. Our team includes highly qualified health care professionals, with a plethora of skills, knowledge and experience, whom have worked in the care sector for many years. We utilise this expertise to work collaboratively and inclusively with our clients and their support networks so that we can meet their needs, however complex, and maximise their life experience, health and wellbeing.

We embrace a qualitative approach with the involvement of the person and other key stakeholders and we constantly strive to refine and develop our services. We embrace a policy of ‘No decision about me without me’ and promote self- advocacy and empowerment. We are investors of people which is reflected in the training and development we offer to our staff, so that they can work with our client’s safely and to promote the best outcomes.

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