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"I would like to write a semi-official commendation for Aruna and Charlotte. I hope this gets back to them so that they can see how much their hard work means to me. Aruna has been working with me since I moved in in June 2020 and she has progressed during this time to a person I would entrust my deepest concerns to. She is incredibly hard-working and someone who goes above and beyond what is expected daily. I have found her to be very caring and kind and someone who always has a smile on her face. When I struggle with anxiety or low mood she is quick to suggest a distracting activity and she is very engaged when doing said activity. Words cannot express my gratitude for Aruna and everything she does. She makes me feel like I matter. She is a fantastic support worker and an awesome person and I am so glad I have met her. Charlotte has been working with me since November 2020 and I feel that she is an excellent addition to the team and someone I trust explicitly. One way that Charlotte helps me is when I say self-derogatory comments and she is quick to challenge those thoughts which I find very helpful and also incredibly kind of her. She has a very busy and stressful job but always has time for her clients. This shows a huge amount of care and I cannot thank her enough. When I have mentioned certain symptoms that I am struggling with she researches what helps and then applies this to real life scenarios. Again this indicates her ability to go above and beyond what is expected. She recognises when I am anxious or unwell and she will try her absolute hardest to help me overcome hurdles in my mental health. She is extremely proactive and has a wonderful sense of humour, a beautiful personality and I feel so lucky to know her and have her care for me. Both Aruna and Charlotte have shown amazing skills in their job that I believe is second to none. I honestly feel like words cannot express my thoughts sufficiently. When I moved here I was so worried that the placement would be similar to my previous placement. I had my hopes dashed so many times by my previous placement with promises made again and again which never came to fruition and I was so scared it was going to happen again. That has not been the case. My care plan is individualised and my support is unique to me. This placement has made a huge positive impact on my life and I feel the best I have felt in many years. Thank you for all you and other members of staff have done for me. You're all heroes"

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